The present administration of the Municipal Port Fund of Pyrgos took office on October 9th, 2014 under Mayor Gavrili Liatsi.

The administration consists of the president: entrepreneur Lewnidas Varouxis, the vice-president: customs broker Sakis Antonopoulos and head of the finance sector of the port, the member Euaggelia Loukopoulou also head of Finance & Management of the port, the member – head of the communication with merchants Katerina Zaharopoulou , the member – head of social issues of the port, Leonidas Dimoulias, the member, port master of Katakolon, Efstathios Koukounaris and the member, head of the cleaning services sector, Gerasimos Rompotis.

By merit, members, on the initiative of the President, were appointed: the chairman of the community Katakolon Mr. Costas Kantounis and the young entrepreneur Panagiotis Apostolopoulos, under the aim to safeguard the democratic process as long as there is representation by elected representatives of all parties of the city council of Pyrgos.

The creation and operation of the website you are using is their initiative as well as the renovation-complaints campaign aiming to make the voice of every single citizen reach the administration in order for it to intervene in matters relating to Katakolon port, the port with the second by statistical correlation in Greece, approach of cruise ships, after the port of Piraeus!

We ensure you that more innovations will come as well as that the average citizen will join the decision making of the administration since it is based on the principles of healthy conversation and social participation.



President of Municipal Harbour Fund of Katakolon

Leonidas Varouxis was born in September 1955 and he is the eldest son of the issuer of the oldest newspaper of Greece, Eleftherios Varouxis. The newspaper "Patris" of Pyrgos published uninterruptedly since 1902 and has now passed into the hands of the fourth generation of the family, namely his sons, Lefteris and Dionysis Varouxis. He studied at the Panteion University of Athens and completed his studies in journalism at the side of the top of their kind in school Ath. Botsi. Indeed, he writes articles for his newspaper expanding and raising concerns in this way, useful tools for any journalist who respects himself!
He is also founder of OPT TV and radio as regional media in Western Greece. Manages the oldest newspaper in Greece and has expanded his operations with the online newspaper and graphic arts companies.
Leonidas Varouxis is a highly successful entrepreneur who managed from an early age to take a healthy business and lead it, by the challenges of his time, to the creation and burgeoning of a Journalistic Group currently operating electronic and print media of regional and online status.
In October 2014 according to the proposal of the current mayor of Pyrgos Gavrili Liatsi, he was appointed president of Municipal Port Fund and this is due to the establishment of this website for the benefit of the visitors of the harbor.
The chairman of the Port Fund of Pyrgos has yet introduce principles such as setting financial records and property register, of the Agency which until now-even though founded in 1856- did not have! At the same time he launched the campaign "Open Port" for the citizens who will have the aim to make methodical and effective interventions in their jurisdiction, to make proposals and complaints.
Often mentions the virtue of cooperation because such stresses «teams bring victory"


Vice-president, Responsible for Finance Sector & Fund Management

Born in Pyrgos, Ilia Prefecture on 18/06/1953. The year 1971 he graduated from high school – «Iliako Ekpaideutirio» and succeed at the Industrial University in Thessaloniki.
During his studies in secondary and tertiary education and particularly in the years between 1964 and 1979 he worked as an assistant Nautical and Travel Agent in Katakolon.
From 1977 to 1979 he fulfilled his military service in the Air Force.
From 1981 until today he operates as a Customs agent in Katakolon, Kyllini and Patras customs.
The years 1985 and 1989 he was elected as a member of the Board of Commerce and Industry Chamber of Ilia Prefecture.
From 1986 until 1989 he was a member of the Steering Committee of Katakolon Municipal Port as a representative of the Municipality of Pyrgos.
In 1999 he participated as a representative of Pyrgos in Management of Port Fund Katakolon and in 2001 participated in the conversion processes of this Fund in Municipal under the name now "Municipal Port Fund of Pyrgos ".
In 2002 he was elected as a Vice President of the Port Commission until 2006.
He speaks fluently the English language.


Responsible for Finance Sector & Fund Management

Euaggelia Loukopoulou is born in Augus the 15th , 1978 in Lamia of Fthiotida province. She lives in Pyrgos of Ileia province and has 2 children, Panagiotis and Vasiliki, twins, 7 years of age. She has graduated from high school has done an undergraduate study program (Business and Organizations' Administration) in the Greek Open University of Patras in Achaia province.

From 2001 to 2002 she conducted an internship without payment in Eurobank EFG S.A. in order to acquire practical experience and knowledge about the banking sector and the Finance of Euro currency.

From 2000 to 2001 she worked as an office assistant for the company PROFIT S.A. ,a societe anonyme that received and transmitted mandates to the stock exchange of Athens in the back office department.

From 2002 to 2013 she was responsible for the management of a retail store, Marinopoulos Shoes, based in Pyrgos of Ileia province.

From June 2014 to December 2014 she was responsible for the management of a retail store , SOFT WEAR , based in Pyrgos of Ileia province, and performed everyday sales of womens' shoes.

She has excellent skills in spoken and written English language and she also attends courses of German language.

She has computer skills and has attended seminars on the topic "Information Storing and Management' by using Databases on computers as well as a seminar regarding "Contemporary Methods of Production, Standardization and Promotion of Agricultural Products" via the Internet with emphasis on biologically cultivated products.

She is persistent, organizational and methodical and that is why she considers her participation in the administration of the Municipal Harbour Fund of Pyrgos as a personal challenge, as she believes that with an organized and active team every goal and dream is achievable.

She believes that the port will acquire its deserved prestige through the methodical actions that the new administration has taken.


Responsible for the Communication with Merchants

Katerina Zaharopoulou was born on February 20, 1963 in Korinthos and at the age of one year old she moved out with her family to Melbourne of Australia where she grew up.
She studied Business Administration and English literature at the University of Melbourne and worked as a stewardess for the company “Quantas”.
The same year she met her husband, a Greek entrepreneur Taki Zaharopoulo, married in Australia and have acquired two children, Penny and John.
In 1991 they returned to Greece and especially in Ilia Prefecture, where they took over catering operations at Pirgos and Katakolon.
Katerina Zaharopoulou worked in exports of Ilia – Olympia to promote raisins and orange while she was teaching English literature in a foreign language school.
In Greece they acquired a third child, the student in University of Panteion, Maria, while working with tourism businesses in Katakolon where they reside.
Zaharopoulou family retains Australian citizenship to all of its members, but as it claims, Katakolon port consist a life choice for them.
She loves travelling.


Responsible for the Fund's Social Profile

Leonidas Dimoulias is the "elder" in the commons and has served for many continuous years as a councilor in the 1st and 2nd level of the local authority over the past 24 years.
Before taking place in the commons he was involved in football management at the area and, more specifically, for 26 years he participated in the administration of football in Ileia from many key positions. the longest serving of which was as leader of the central committee of the Football Association in Ileia.
His participation in the commons was driven by his occupation in the Chamber of Professionals and Commerce (CPC), where he obtained the position of the 1st vice-president under president M. Xystris and for 10 years he held the position of Provincial councilor in the appointed Administration of Ileia Province representing the CPC.
From 1986 and on he was continuously re-elected in 4 municipal and 4 provincial elections that he took place in, obtaining high-level administrative positions (Deputy Prefect of Ileia and Deputy Mayor of Pyrgos).
Born in the 30th of August, 1947, Leonidas Dimoulias has earned the respect of his fellow members in the committee of the harbor fund and everybody appreciates his straightforward speech and the integrity of his character.


Port Master of Katakolon

Born in Athens on January 29, 1967 graduated from Merchant Marine/Engineering Academy based in Aspropyrgos. Currently holds the rank of Lieutenant Commander with 27 years of service in port authorities.
Married with two children.


Responsible for the cleaning services sector

Member of Municipal Port Fund Board
Makis Rompotis born in April 1954 and resides in Katakolon. He deals professionally with singing more than 40 years, having participated in folk music groups in the area and recently, in the orchestra of the Philharmonic of Pyrgos "Apollon".
From 1999 to 2006 he served as the president of Katakolon community under mayor Gavrili Liatsi and by October 2014, again under Mayor Liatsi was appointed representative to the Board of Municipal Port of Pyrgos, with responsibility in the sensitive sector of cleanness.
Is widowed and has three children but despite the vicissitudes of life always keeps his smile as an antidote against misery.