Works In Progress

At the time being, a laborious and technically demanding project is underway at the port of Katakolon aiming at its furthermore modernization so as to be shielded against the adverse weather conditions which, until now, laid the ability of the ships that reached the port in doubt during times where the sea was rough.

The project is about the expansion of the windward pier for 150 meters from its current position, since in the same contract and at the same time the expansion of the scaffolding of the seaside road in front of the shops also takes place. Included in this expansion is the construction of an internal breakwater along the expansion aiming to weaken the currents that arise when the winds are strong, relieving the seaside zone from potential high waves in the future.

The project contract is estimated at 12.5 million € funded by secure trusts of the Western Greece Circumference.

The possibility of funding the construction of a fourth pier at the site of the current marina through Public Cooperations in the near future is also taken into consideration, so as to provide the ability to cruise ships of the 3rd generation to reach the port. These ships are over 350 meters long!

At the terrestrial place of the marina a workstation of the construction company "KASTOR" already operates and is responsible for the works' progress with two floating cranes, a tug and other heavy-duty machines while material is produced on a daily basis (such as building blocks, molds etc.).

The project is due to be completed on June 2015 while the contractors estimate the completion of the largest and technically hardest part until March of the same year, when the first tourists of the new season are expected to make their arrival!

Anticipated for completion within the year 2015 is also the project for the renovation of the structures along the coastline with the participation of the municipal harbour fund, yet again mostly funded by the Circumference, with a budget already estimated for this purpose and studies have already taken place so as for it to be auctioned within the first quarter of the new year.

Vehicle circulation alterations are also predicted in the renovation project , aiming to furthermore improve the port's role and character by building infrastructure that did not exist during the years of the past like SCHENGEN station - for checking of tourists that arrive from non-EU countries - and operational enhancements for the transit and parking of the transportation media which are related to the cruises.

At the spot of the renovation there is also a provision for a cultural activities multiplex, widening of streets, creation of a new space and interchange for disembarkation from buses, one-way streets, shelters etc.

In addition to these, the new administration of the Municipal Harbor Fund of Pyrgos acted so as for the already existing WC to be expanded, by constructing another one, specially designed for the disabled -something which that did not exist until now in the port - and based on its own resources to modernize the headquarters as well as the surrounding space which did not resemble to a tourist-welcoming gateway at first sight ... and not even at second sight!