Central Public Library of Pyrgos

(13 km from the port of Katakolon)
Founded in 1926 by a group of prominent citizens of Pyrgos which was led by chief doctor Konstantinos Christopoulos. Originally operated under the name "Library of Ilia" and became public under the direction of the writer Takis Doksas, in 1953. In 1971 the Public Library became Central. Nowadays, it stores 120,000 tomes of books of all categories.

Central Square - Courthouse

(On a historical hill of Pyrgos, 13 km from the port of Katakolon)
The creation of Pyrgos(tower) began at the Hill of the County. Pyrgos was built in 1512 by Beis. This is where the current city took its naming. At the central square, Sakis Karagiorgas, there are monuments that recall the region's history and the struggle of the people. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier for the sacrifice of the fighters of 1821, the monument of Miltonas Iatridis who was governor of the legendary submarine Papanikolis and that of Bishop of Ilia, Antonio, for his contribution during the German occupation. Today, apart from the monuments there are many cafes as well while at the center of the square proudly stands the large fountain along with Latsio, the Town Hall.

Merkouri estate

(4 km from the port of Katakolon)
Merkouri estate is located in western Peloponnese, in Korakohori near Katakolon (4 km), Pyrgos (13 km) and Ancient Olympia (35 km).
It is an old, large farm, with a history of 140 years in the production of wine, olive oil and Korinthian currants. It belongs to Merkouri family, rooted from Epirus and Peloponnese, a family with varied interests and a special love for the land. Since 1992 Merkouri estate takes the form of a family limited company and today the company Merkouri Estate SA is run by brothers Vasilis and Christos Kanellakopoulos, fourth generation of the family.

Ancient Municipal Market of Pyrgos

(13 km from the port of Katakolon)
In the early years of its operation the market was wooden. In 1890 on the initiative of the mayor Petros Avgerinos, the construction of the stone market began. A project which was undertaken by the famous architect of the time Ziller. Nowadays, the Ancient Municipal Market operates as the archaeological museum of the city of Pyrgos. Also, nearby the Museum there are many traditional cafes and shops that manufacture ancient objects and utensils.