Saint Andrew

This beautiful and historic area attracts many tourists who are on cruises that make a stop at the port of Katakolon. Since decades, it is considered as the best seaport!
Seaport of Pyrgos, Katakolon and seaport of Katakolon, Saint Andrew. Administratively it belongs to the community of Korakohori but everyone consider it as an extension of Katakolon because they combine coffee in Katakolon and meal in Saint Andrew, or vice versa. This is why the local population have the sweet illusion of going on holiday ... 12 km away from the city of Pyrgos!
Saint Andrew took its name by the Apostle Andrew who arrived there by boat during the years of persecution of Christians. Then he martyred for his faith. Each year, the homonymous chapel honors the memory of Saint Andrew while in spring and summer attracts dozens of faithful for wedding and baptism ceremonies.
The area is full of archaeological findings – at the bottom of which ancient Pheias “is sleeping”. In the early 70s a mission of divers – archaeologists had highlighted many of them that are being exposed at various museums in the country.
The soil is full of clay. Many bathers are being anointed with natural clay from the beach of Saint Andrew and Matzakoura. This is good for their skin. At the opposite of the beach where there are the amazing café and restaurants “Liris”,”Vryniotis” and “Kastro”, there are the islets Korakas and Tigani, formed by the earthquake of the 6th century B.C..

The mountain of Katakolon

On top of the mountain of Katakolon, one kilometer away from the port, there stands the lighthouse guarded by a permanent guard. For a century, the lighthouse accompanies the boats approaching the harbor at the ancient cape Ihthis. At the ending of Ihthis, there was built a village named Katakolon (ie the rear side of the cape!).
The lighthouse was built in 1865. It has the height of 9 meters and the focal height of 45 meters. It has four rooms used by lighthouse keepers as bedrooms and the little tower, where the mechanism of the lighthouse is located. A recent decision made by the Ministry of Culture declared the lighthouse of Katakolon as preservable and a historical monument of the area. Construction in the spaces around the building is prohibited.

The mountain is full of bright red soil and wild beaches one of which is Sterna that is incredibly deep and intense waved, both in winter and summer. At the point, 25 years before an amateur fisherman was killed. Since then the use of the beach is forbidden. Just a few know that scenery, behind the current biological treatment area of Katakolon.
A modern hotel complex was recently built at the mountain. Inside the hotel there is a cafe-restaurant. The hotel offers high quality services and a panoramic view. It took its name “Horizons” by its view. It is an ideal place for an overnight stay, events, relaxation and conferences.
There is a road connection between the mountain and the region of St. Andrew. The highway leads to Kastro bar by car, by bike or on foot!
The mountain of Katakolon is inhabited by families of shepherds and farmers of the region for over two centuries!
At property of a known family at the mountain, there is the volcano, which looks like scorched channel and flows into the sea whipping bubbles and its intense smell – a characteristic of areas where there is volcanic energy. Furthermore, there are oil and gas resources for which there was a lot of talk over the last 3 years!
The rocks of the mountain are evaporites, a patchwork of mud, red soil and sulfur that can be found in the region. This is why many different sides of the harbor stink! It is an ideal place for walks and picnics, but still we all have to protect it! The vegetation in the area is shrubby and there is a great variety of wildflowers which fill all of its slopes when the spring comes! Early in 2000, paths with lampposts were created, giving an extremely picturesque image to the foothills of the area. Explore ...!


Professor Kostas Kotsanas had the ability and the desire to deal with the ingenuity of the ancient ancestors and to promote their art and technique by making miniatures of their constructions. In collaboration with specialized technicians, they astonished public and archaeologists who admired their work!
Buildings that were granted to him by the municipal of Pyrgos in Katakolon and recently by the municipal of Olympia, host structures for music and games of the ancient people and their expertise displaying various utensils and machines from prehistoric times up to the Greek modern history!
The Museum of ancient musical instruments and games is installed inside the house of the family of Captain Yiannis Latsis, great benefactor of Katakolon and great Greek navigator. The museum of technology of ancient and modern times, is hosted in the former Spa buildings (Loutra), opposite the station of Hellenic Railways Organization.

Museum of Ancient Greek Technology

It has nearly 200 reliable and functioning models of mechanisms and inventions of ancient technological miracle under the investigation, design and construction of Kostas Kotsanas. It is about the the most reliable and comprehensive report of its kind worldwide.

Museum of Ancient Greek Misical Instruments and Toys

Operates in Latsis building next to the museum of ancient Greek technology and includes 42 ancient musical instruments accompanied with detailed descriptions and diagrams under the investigation, design and construction Kostas Kotsanas. The instruments are fully functional and their construction is based on ancient Greek literature and angiographic images.

Information:The two museums are located at the entrance of Katakolon. They are about 50 meters apart. Adjacent to the museum of ancient Greek technology, there is ample parking. Contact at 6942420157 for booking.

The beach of the port

This beach is not for swimming, just for relaxation and photo taking.
It is the extension of the port area, (ie the port where the tourists disembark). It is a picturesque beach where there are cafes and fishing boats that tie up ahead of it. This is why it looks like a Cycladic island.
Each corner of Katakolon differs. Many visitors have the feeling that they visit an island especially when their journey by boat terminates in the harbor! This is actually the beauty of the place. It combines mountain, sea and many beaches that differ in morphology.
In recent years, the central market combines classic with modern rhythm. Many entrepreneurs chose to maintain the neoclassic style of the buildings while others brought completely new style depending on the type of business they run!
Three shopping streets, one at the foot of the mountain, the central that leads to the port and the one near the sea, offer the tourists and the Greek visitors the opportunity to combine the purchases of clothing, footwear, jewelry and mementos of the area, local products, organic products coming from every corner of our country while they can also enjoy coffee and a meal in front of a breathtaking view.

Ntozi beach

It took its name by the nickname of the owner of an old refreshment room of the area. Known for its memorable seafood served in view of the sea! Nowadays, at the same place the tavern having another address still dominates!
The beach extends from the current marina – fishing shelter of Katakolon – to the position "Ntozi" where there is a prohibition sign for passing vehicles for the bathers to enjoy sea swim. In the same coastline there are other famous fish taverns like "Marina" and "Glyfada" which offer fresh fish during the year purchased by the fishermen of the area. The dead period has reduced significantly in recent years due to rough seas. The fishermen remain inactive just a few days during the year. Therefore, in Katakolon you can always find qualitative and fresh fish ...!

Renata beach

Behind the current port, a rocky and clean beach "Renata" formerly known as "Plakes", has excellent service for bathers. Each summer, a canteen offers delicious appetizers and snacks, coffee and ice cream. As for the evening it is great to go for a drink in view of Ionian Sea!
At full moon nights the beach is an idyllic place to visit! The waters of the beach are always icy because of its depth and the open horizon but still it attracts swimmers of all ages just because of its clean waters. At the beach there are showers, changing rooms and of course umbrellas and sunbeds offered by the existing management of the canteen.
Got the name Renata as a tribute to the wife of the current president of T.S. of Katakolon, the travel agent, Kostas Kandounis. It was the unforgettable doctor, Renata Kemelo Kandounis who adored the beach of the harbor and pioneered the voluntary movement for its cleaning!


Its naming is not related to its shape. This is not valid!
It is about the etymology of the word "horizon" because on immemorial the fortress from where the authorities controlled the sea area, dominated at the top of the cape Ihthis. From the Middle Ages until its modern history the region was colonized and plundered according to the commercial interests of each time.
The earthquake of the 6th century B.C. engulfed the center of the coastal city of the ancient Pheias. At the ruins of the citadel, a fortress was built by the Roman colonizers.
It was renovated the time after the Byzantines. It was meant to be ruined in lush vegetation because of the disagreement between individuals of neighboring groves and archaeological service. Nowadays, it remains untapped and inaccessible. Although there is an approach point from the mountain, the steep slope combined with wadding and shrubs pose a risk to the interested especially to novice climbers!