Churches / Monasteries

Holy Monastery of Skafidia

Female cenobitic monastery is located near the homonymous village and celebrates the Assumption. The main church of the monastery was built in the 6th century. Nowadays the Monastery of Skafidia is a tourist attraction. There is also a museum with various artifacts. According to the tradition the Monastery took its name either from Ancient Pheias or the shape of its space which looks like trough.

Church of Saint Kiriaki of Pyrgos

Saint Kiriaki is the oldest church of Pyrgos. It is Gothic and still maintains its characteristics. Inside there are paintings of the great Tamvakis a painter from Zakynthos.

Church of Saint Nikolaos of Pyrgos

Located in the square of the County, it is the Cathedral of Pyrgos. In 1906 it was inaugurated in the presence of Bishop of Ilia, after the severe damage that has experienced by earthquakes. It is still operational.