Papanikola estate - Aldemar Olympian Village

9km from the port of Katakolon
It is a modern hotel unit – a gem of beauty and elegance, of the family of Angelopoulos that was created upon the "foundations" of MEDITERANEA CLUB unit. At nights, the onboard restaurant gives you the feeling that you are in a Poconos. Throughout the day, the facilities for water sports and fun will make you feel that you are in another land in another place ... As for the foreign visitors, it is definitely worth that they go on holiday there!

St. Elias

The extension of Skafidia beach consists the beautiful setting of St. Elias where there is canteen famous to youth people and a tavern mainly renowned to the middle aged. On summer, each Sunday becomes "popular pilgrimage" while literally, popular pilgrimage takes place on eve and the day of the Savior memory on August 6, when the homonymous chapel celebrates.


(4km from the port of Katakolon)
Beyond the myths, the Alkiona coast took its name for its beauty and its gurgling waters. Hundreds of bathers bought a holiday home there and developed one of the most organized settlements. Close to the settlement, there is a hotel (Odysseus) and the church of Assumption which celebrates, each August 15th, the memory of the Virgin Mary.


(5km from the port of Katakolon)
This sandy beach, is full of holiday homes in all of its breadth to Kiparissia. Its familiar feature is the sensational beach parties that make history.

Avra (banana bar)

(3km from the port of Katakolon)
This region was once baths and springs. In the decade between the wars it was a resort for vacationers. It was the baths of the people!
The current trend testifies the touristic development. Many young people visit Avra. The known entertainment company fatefully gave its name to the area ... Let’s go to banana!


(6km from the port of Katakolon)
It does not sting. Actually, there are no crabs at the beach. In Kavouri, there is a tavern that fills your endless sunbathing hours and gives you unique moments of relaxation. At the same place there is the chapel of the holidaymakers dedicated to the Saint Gerasimos memory. The road crossing the village is called “St. Gerasimos Avenue”.


( 6km from the port of Katakolon)
In Leventohori, there are two beaches, a small and a large one. Both of them, have two features, dark fat sand and rocks surrounding them. It is a fairly popular destination.

Letrina and Sarakina

(7 and 8km from the port of Katakolon)
They are quite similar beaches that are glued to one another. Their only feature is the numbered labels that distinguish the two settlements. They consist a great place for solitary people because the area tends to isolate the bathers – a stark contrast since it is a populous area!


(4km from the port of Katakolon)
At the back of the beach of St. Andrew there extends the tiny but extremely impressive beach Matzakoura which took its name from the eponymous villa owner and dominates there since the early 60s. However, it existed as a building, always standing out as a mansion.
This beach has clay composition. The bathers often anoint their body for wellness and healing skin diseases.
Access is by foot, so do not carry heavy equipment!


(8km from the port of Katakolon)
In summer, a small creek, a few meters away from the Monastery of Skafidia looks like a cosmopolitan beach. The pure sea stands in front of a rocky beach and a water source that flows at the point.


(11km from the port of Katakolon)
In Spiatza you find today's bathrooms since people flock by hundreds mainly from regions around Pyrgos. There are three bars next to each other and other infrastructure such as locker rooms and shower in communal places. Significant is the action of the settlers club who are pride for their church of Transfiguration which also celebrates on August 6th.

Apart from the beautiful beaches around Katakolon, also do have a look at these beaches that are very close to the center of the port and can be reached even on foot!