Historical Facts

Come sail away...

The port began its function as a touristic center after the end of World War II so as to serve in Greek and foreign shipping companies which "discovered" it, as it was a wishful desire for many to develop the shipping line Kefalonia – Zakynthos which was finally unsuccessful.

Katakolon remained "faithful" to the idea of cruising and initially seemed to take the wrong orientation since the commercial part was smaller than expected and the touristic had just started with undefined results at the time!

And so suspiciously missing the dream of tourism, professionals fishermen in the region experienced the inhuman conditions of occupation and civil war and managed tooth and nail to feed themselves and each other through the sea, selling fish to the aristocracy!

The rest, at the raisin factory and warehouses that existed in Katakolon. Years of hardness and difficulty that through a transitional phase that lasted decades, found an outlet in tourism and that is how a heavy industry "blossomed" throughout Ilia ... cruise starting from Ancient Olympia and means of implementation, the Katakolon port.

By mouth of Tourism Minister, the port is now the second port with the busiest cruise traffic in Greece after Piraeus!

Today's goal is in principle, to develop the ability of mooring for the third generation ships – above 350 meters of displacement – which will be achieved by the gradual expansion of the port. Secondly, the home port option of disembarkation for tourists in cruise ships approaching the Katakolon port...