In a joint sailing for the two ports
31 December, 2014
Ρύθμιση οφειλών προς το Δ.Λ.Τ.Π
18 February, 2015
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Despite the cold this year in celebration of the Blessing of the Waters at the seaport of Pyrgos , Katakolon ten swimmers dived into the icy waters of the Ionian honoring the custom of the emergence of the Holy Cross who katedythi with the blessing of Metropolitan Ilia Mr German .
In this year the festivities gave almost all the military and state leadership of the place , representatives of bodies , clubs and crowds .
The Divine Blessing began early on the morning of Epiphany and eleven in the morning the procession was led to Katakolon port , near the central pier , because the repetition of the port land zone projects. There he met draconian security measures for both pedestrians and vehicles and to facilitate the world the competent police and port authorities were respectively allocate the storage areas by sector working in full cooperation with each other .
The lucky swimmer anedyse the cross from the icy waters of the sea in Katakolon was the Apostle Gourgouras from Chanakia who had previously dive custom . The 40-year old man keeping a 5 -year old daughter , Joy and gold cross, which he offered as a prize the IM Ilia , he said , wanted for personal reasons to dive and feels great blessing the fact that giving is the first cross between in nine other swimmers
The ceremony ended with the return of the Holy Cross in IN St. Nicholas Katakolon and distribution fountain believers while after the end of the square of the village was established cutting the New Year’s cake by Bishop Ilia blessed and cut pies actors.
This year, New Year’s pies were a denominator, the efforts of all for a better and productive year and for this reason, Municipal Port Tower Fund community Katakolon, cultural association, body dock workers, fishermen and the two trade associations in Katakolon, cut share their New Year pies.
The seven respectively were lucky and the same number of gifts , offering the port fund and traders of Katakolon
Among others present at the events in Katakolon gave Members Ilia Costas TZAVARA Dionysia -Theodore Avgerinopoulou Andrew Marino and John Koutsoukos. The Deputy Head of Western Greece in charge of Economic Affairs, Mr. Lambi Aristeidopoulos, the Mayor Tower Gavrili Liatsou, president of Mun. Mr. Dimitris Messalas, the deputies George Andriolas, Andriana Aggelakopoulou, Dionysius Beltsios, municipal and local councilors, the president of the Municipal Port Fund Tower Mr. Leonidas Varouxis, vice Mr. Dionysios Antonopoulos, board members and the chairman of the community Kostas Kantounis.
Among the dignitaries was the Governor of CERB , the deputy SETTIL , the police officer D / Director Ilia Mr K . Diplas , governors Subdivision Tower Safety and Star . Department of pm Tower , the Harbour Master Katakolon , lieutenant Mr. Efstathios Pine , the president of the retired officers of the Navy Life Mr. Weaver and vice compound , military officials and the administration of CCI Ilia by the President Mr. Kostas Nikoloutsou and vice Mr K . Leventis and N . Panagotakopoulou . Even the head of the major opposition Rep Council Tower Mr Takis Antonacopoulos , former president of OKANA Mr. Michael Katrina , President NODE Ilia Mr. G.Chinos , politician and crowds .
Festivities framed musical Philharmonic “Apollo” Tower .
Finally , the Municipal Port Authority Tower dexiothike official guests at a private banquet room .

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