Progress of windward pier expansion work at the port of Katakolon

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10 October, 2014
Works in Port
17 November, 2014
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In complete underway are the windward pier extension and quay land port area works in Katakolon and already the guardrails along the main beach were placed.
The reason they were placed there by the manufacturer Castor” is the safety of the pedestrians and all those active in the area since in the region an extremely painful -from view technical work is running with daily excavation and transportation of rocks and cement boulders have been prepared that will serve as supports along the extension.
The material of the barriers are impermeable (closed) sheet metal that prevents the dispersion of concrete or rocks during the work to avoid any possible risk of bodily injury of trespassing persons.
Worth noting is the exemplary so far response of shopkeepers of the beach who understand the fears of the company- and despite all the inconvenience resulting from its blockade fully accepted the terms set for the completion of the project. According to the timetable of the company until March 2015 most of the work is due to be executed , when  the new tourist season will begin in Katakolon port.


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