Progress of windward pier expansion work at the port of Katakolon
18 October, 2014
Ydatodromio in Katakolon
19 November, 2014
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The pace of work on the ongoing port projects in Katakolon allow optimism that the new tourist season -around April- will find the port with new and safer "input" in port cruise.
This follows from the fact that progress is being made from daily operations undertaken. Here are the new type of block molded and then placed with manufacturers' guidance and archaeologists involved in the work and thus end up on the sea bed having side ring designed with one another upon contact and "insure" creating a "safety net underwater, at the current contract work to expand the windward jetty.

Start from the beach Ntozi

The image of shame Ntozi beach -as well has come to be called at Katakolon - began to change slowly look after cleansing and creating access to work in places inaccessible until now due to sea level rise at that point.
The snapshot of the running tasks to be completed with the channels and ditches, cleaning the area so as not to turn into streams whenever it rains.
The work is done with the supervision of the management team of the Municipal Harbour Fund of Pyrgos while daily with them the crew has , ubiquitous Maki Robotis, designated by the President of the fund as head of cleaning.

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