Construction of work platform started
24 November, 2014
Hoisting salvage for maintenance
4 December, 2014
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The work of "Castor" is continuing by building today the portion along the beach of the terrestrial port area of Katakolon putting into operation two of the floating cranes. One along the extension to the so-called 'spark', 150 meters from the existing jetty and the second, in front of the beach where the podium a further 8 meters from the existing road is also constructed.

Already boulders and specialty earthwork materials were thrown for coating the surface of the "club" sea that will serve as the inner breakwater to tackle weather phenomena. The completion of this work will then ignite the "green light" to continue and auction the readymade programmatic plans with regard to construction and of a third pier - where the current marina lies, with its displacement thereof- as provided by the programmatic draft, so in the near future third generation cruise ships, ie more than 350 meters to be able to dock in Katakolon, .

The projects have a time schedule of June 2015 and the additional work of building redevelopment in the rest of land area are expected in the first half of the new year with guaranteed funds from the Region of Western Greece that is their promoter.

Floating crane in front of the street

Floating crane in the 'spark'

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