Ancient Olympia

A holy and international city, located in a magical landscape that begins from the foot of the wooded Kronion Hill between Alfeios river and its affluent Kladeos river. At the Panhellenic sanctuary of the ancient times, the most renowned games of the Greeks took place every 4 years in honor of Zeus: the Olympic Games, synonymous to the ideals of Peace, that forged the unity of the ancient greek world for many centuries. In the Holy Altis (Forest) of Olympia, life commenced by the dawn of prehistoric times (2300-2100 b.C.). Its sanctuary was surrounded by a wall that separated the temples and the religious buildings from the cosmic ones. A prominent position between the buildings was held by the temple of the Olympian Zeus, built by the architect Livon. Also the temple of Hera, the Mitroon, the Prytaneion and the Filippeion, were masterpiece constructions that decorated the inner place of the holy Grove.What is more, an important meaning for the history of Olympia have, the Palestra, the famous Stadium, the Gymnasium, the laboratory of Pheidias as well as Theikoleonas, the Vouleftirion, the home and the arch of Nero and the Leonideon. The evolution of Olympia was based exclusively on the Olympic Games and their impact -not only to the greek- ancient world.

Nowadays in Ancient Olympia, one can admire its archaeological site, the museums of Ancient and Contemporary Olympic Games respectively as well as the museum of the excavation. Apart from that the hundreds of shops with a variety of decorative goods of the Greek culture and also the restaurants with their traditional greek dishes, the coffee houses and the taverns operate daily in the city of Ancient Olympia.

Ways to reach Ancient Olympia from our port: there are travel agencies as well as individual tour operators who can provide you a comfortable and safe road trip with or without sightseeing.
There are companies which rent vehicles.
Public Transport: Using the railway there is a train station with ticket issuing located near the village's playground and frequent train schedule from Katakolon to Pyrgos and Ancient Olympia with round-trip tickets.
If you have your own vehicle at the port you should know that the holy city is only 35 km away from Katakolon and you reach it through the Pyrgos - Olympia Highway at the Lasteika traffic lights after you have taken the detour of Ag. Ioannis from the main road where you come from.