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Ydatodromio in Katakolon
19 November, 2014
Construction of work platform started
24 November, 2014
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The support of the Ministry of Marine - Aegean and himself personally assured that the Municipal Harbour Fund of Pyrgos shall have , Minister Mr. Miltiadis Varvitsiotis, during a meeting the day before yesterday, he had in his office, with the President of the Harbour Fund of Pyrgos Mr. Leonidas Varouxis.
Mr. Minister informed the President of the Municipal harbour fund of Pyrgos that last week - on the initiative of the Ministry - a wide meeting was made .In that meeting the president of KEDE Mr. Patoulis and Board members of the KEDE took part, the president of ENPE Mr. Agorastos, and the chairman of the independent regulatory authority of ports Mr. Moutzouris, the general secretary of ports Mr. Christopoulos and the director of the Ministry of MMM Ms. Skafida to discuss issues concerning the operation of the municipal harbor Funds and those supervised by the ministry.
Mr. Varvitsiotis - at this meeting - asked to be informed about politics of local government across the ports in order to improve their functioning. Eventually it was decided that a committee consisting of MMM factors of KEDE and ENPE to tailor the existing problems and to propose institutional solutions towards the development of ports.
On his part, Mr. Varouxis informed Mr. Varvitsiotis on the progress of present works at the port, and the works to be done in the land area .As also for the widening of the road Lasteika - Saint Ioannis for which the Commission noted that the Region of Western Greece, Mr. Apostolos Katsifaras considered them as "very important works" and gave them priority to the early 2015 to make corresponding notices.
The chairman of the Harbour Fund of Pyrgos also informed the Minister of the Marine about the objective of creating an ydatodromion in the port and the existing airport of Epitalion, which will support the whole project successfully.
Mr. Varvitsiotis assured Mr. Varouxis that when a complete dossier for ydatodromio is submitted the ministry will proceed with loan financing . Mr. Minister pointed out that the end goal of the Ministry is to be a supporter of healthy cases of harbor funds such as the Municipal Harbour Fund of Pyrgos and promised Mr. Varouxis that the ministry will assist the port Authority to undertake specific projects for which it is deemed necessary by the Fund be performed the new year.

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