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Meeting of Presidents of Municipal Harbour Funds of Katakolo and Killini


The identical position for joint actions designed to protect the interests of the two ports of our prefecture and support the local economy was confirmed at the meeting, of the presidents of the Municipal Harbour of Killini and Pyrgos Funds, the gentlemen, Nabil Moradi and Leonidas Varouxis .
The two presidents discussed the issue at first of any manipulation of port operator of neighboring prefecture to join in it the port funds of Ilia and were vertically negative in such a scenario.
Similarly they were opposed to a prospective merge of the two ports to constitute an SA which will be under the control of the State and of the government, thus giving up the will and control of each local community.
It becomes obvious that if today Katakolon and Killini set up a limited company it will be absorbed through the backdoor in Patras port organization. The latter would be disastrous for the two ports and will cause stagnation in the already declining economic development of Ilia.
The issue of merge is a positive outlook, only on the condition that through legislation the administration of the body that will result from combinations of Municipal Harbour Funds shall be exercised by the local communities and local governments, as is done in all European ports rather than the central State.

Then Mr. Varouxis asked for the support of Mr. Moradi that  a conference on tourism to be  jointly held next spring in our area and has been warmly welcomed by the Chairman of the Harbour Fund of Killini.
There was a common mood for the implementation of this workshop with the assistance of the Region of Western Greece and it was agreed to schedule a meeting next week with Mr. Katsifaras to discuss and work towards the embodiment of this workshop.

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