Construction of work platform started

Support by the Minister of Marine
20 November, 2014
Floating cranes
26 November, 2014
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Evacuation of marina to expand the site of Castor

The expansion of the platform began as a parallel contract of the work already being carried to extend the windward pier in Katakolon port.
This is the eight meters expansion of the existing terrestrial coastal area (in front of the stores) which includes the construction of the inner breakwater to safeguard them from extreme weather phenomena.
Along the worksite on Katakolon Marina extra cranes and molds were placed that everyday produce hardware which is useful for the staff and parking within the marina was banned.
The construction company "Castor" in a letter to the administration of the the Municipal Harbour Fund of Pyrgos requested and received approval for extension of the worksite area on the marina and all the area marked as parking was evacuated.
Thereafter from the height of the stone pier near the anchorage of tourist boats work has proceeded up to the removal of blocks that already existed in order to thereafter construction of the platform and tenants will be informed for the time of the contracting based the company's instructions and measures to be taken as defined by their communal, legal framework

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