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16 December, 2014
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19 December, 2014
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In the network of 14 ydatodromion programmed to operate in 2015 the port of Katakolon was added .
Recently (on 4 December) the contract between Municipal Harbour Fund  of Pyrgos and the Company “Greek Ydatodromia” was signed in order to quickly file the dossier to the Ministry of Mercantile Marine, to be authorized.
The initial programming is purely tourist oriented for cruises tourists, of arriving cruise ships in hotel complexes etc. of our prefecture and later in daily cruises to areas of the rest ydatodromion network.
The aim of the Harbour Fund of Pyrgos is in the future its exploitation for transport purposes.
The Harbour Fund has already ensured the motivation of the airline that is working with the company “Greek Ydatodromia” so as Katakolon to become a station that will serve these purposes (business services – hospital transport needs etc.).
As highlighted in the letter “the area of Katakolo is our strategic choice, since Katakolon could develop into a key area for seaplanes as it has a number of special characteristics.”
It is also very important that Ilia has an airport site (in Epitalio) to the advantage of the modern seaplanes, which are able to move and on the runway of Epitaliou.

The company “Greek Ydatodromia” after the enactment of Law 4146/13, has already undertaken the licensing of  the following ydatodromion:

  • Kerkyra
  • Paxoi
  • Erikousa
  • Patras
  • Lavrion
  • Vegoritida Lake
  • Rafina
  • Sifnos
  • Chania

Soon it will expand its activities to other islands, lake and coastal areas of the country undertaking the licensing of Ydatodromion to further strategic locations to ensure a viable Ydatodromion network for flights of seaplanes. The creation of this network of fifteen ydatodromion generates enough optimism that this ambitious way  of tourist movement (and not only) will be successful.

It is important that the Harbour Fund has achieved the authorization requirement to be taken entirely by the company “Greek Ydatodromia” and most importantly licensing, that will be given, to be owned by the Harbour  Fund and not of the Company (the dominant element that drove the final selection of the company). It should also be noted that, from the time of  ydatodromio operation,  it can be used by all airline hydroplanes companies that will choose the Port of Katakolon as their tourist destination or stopover,  as well as individuals (entrepreneurs – Vips etc.).

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