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In the presence of local authorities and institutions was in Saturday the memory of Katakolon patron honored , Saint Nicholas, patron of the seamen .The namesake church gathered a crowd  of believers while in the Solemn Divine Liturgy after the dividing of the Bread, conducted the Bishop of Oleni Mr Ath.Mpachos.

Attending were also the parliamentarians Kostas Tzavaras and John Koutsoukos while MEP Dionysia Avgerinopoulou was represented by the teacher Mrs. Tita Terzi. Also the Deputy Head of Ilia Mr. George Georgiopoulos attended, the mayor of Pyrgos Gavrili Liatsis, the deputy mayors Mr. George Andriolas Andreas Skartsiaris and Andrianna Angelakopoulos, the president of the City Council Mr. Dimitris Mesallas, the president of DEYAP Mr. Fotis Dimopoulos, the vice president of EVE Mr. Costas Leventis, the president and vice president of the Municipal Harbour Fund Mr. Leonidas Varouxis and Sakis Antonopoulos, the president of TS of Katakolon Mr. Costas Kantounis, officers of the Coast Guard under the assistant harbor master Mr. Ap. Gkantzio, the chairman of the Union of Veterans of the Navy mr.Zois Yfantis and other representatives .

The leadership of the Coast Guard of Katakolon accompanied the patron saint, while the procession that followed on the main and coastal road  of the village, followed the Philharmonic Orchestra “Apollo” of Pyrgos giving an extra festive tone to the day.

After the praise in statements of the  above it was emphasized that is the understanding of entities which honored the patron of the seaport of Pyrgos that Katakolon port will in future become the most important pillar of growth for Ilia.

After the procession the administration of Municipal Harbour Fund of Pyrgos organized a feast for its official guests at a private banquet room.

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