Progress of windward pier expansion work at the port of Katakolon
18 October, 2014
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With traditional dances and rich local dishes from the region of Ilia, were welcomed yesterday at the port of Katakolon, tourists who arrived in the region with four cruise ships tied up in port, by the Elean Group for Culture and Development "State Elis - Olympia" and the Municipal Harbour Fund of Katakolon.

The hospitality events taking place for the fifth consecutive year at the initiative of the Group's state of Elis - Olympia and the president Sophia Chintziou - Kontogianni but the participation of the Coast Fund Katakolon, to mark the arrival of cruises in Katakolon, who arrived with a total of 10 thousand. tourists to their cabins, were fully successful. Oil, wine, watermelon, ouzo, olives, oregano, cheese and hundreds of other products of local Ilia land, offered to cruise ship tourists who were excited by the great hospitality celebration held in Katakolon.

Yesterday afternoon, the harbor was filled with local homemade dishes, volunteer associations promoted products whole Ilia and a rich music and dance spectacle presented by dance groups of Friends of Culture club Andravidas and plain Ilia "Hestia" in honor of the thousands of tourists found in Katakolon. In the big celebration, there were traditional flavors and sweet, that club members women and cultural associations of Elis, had prepared to offer visitors. Also during the event were distributed hundreds of leaflets Regional Unity Ilia, in order to show the beauty, products and part of the culture of Ilia.,

As said in statements to the "Patris" newspaper by the president of the Port Authority Katakolon, Dimitris Apostolopoulos, the attempt that is made every year in the port of Katakolon, needs to be extended and besides, to the "source" of the cruise, something for which there are aspirations and thoughts of the competent bodies.

"It's an attempt for hospitality and welcoming the Coast Fund with the main objective to promote local products so we invited along with the club state Elis - Olympia several local producers, which were offered to tourists cruises. This effort we would like to expand into the ship as we see how the world is not only excited but asks to buy the products. I want to thank all the volunteers who came and supported this effort, "said Mr. Apostolopoulos.

Celebration of Volunteering

On its part, the president of the Group State Elis -Olympias, speaking in 'Patris' newspaper for yesterday's event, said that this is a volunteer celebration that highlights the products of Ilia and through these events bodies send the message that the Greeks even in crisis are hospitable.

"This is the fifth year that the Group State Elis - Olympia, organizes the hospitality festival at Katakolon. We want to display the products of our district, cheese, olive oil, olives, wine, ouzo, fruits and herbs. It was a volunteer celebration, too many clubs came , they made sweets, food,and women tried to show tourists that in the crisis of the Greek people are hospitable and present the true picture of Ilia. It was all voluntary and besides our products to some tourists and handed small olive trees from ALDEMAR hotel, "said Mrs. Chintziou - Kontogianni.

Hundreds of leaflets were distributed by Ilia Regional Unity yesterday showcasing the rich culture of our country.

Tourists enjoyed the typical local products of Ilia earth.

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