Love Bazaar by the students in Katakolon

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19 December, 2014
In a joint sailing for the two ports
31 December, 2014
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Christmas Love event


In the spirit of the season

Charity, festive decoration and pageantry … was the dominant Christmas event pupils of the kindergarten and elementary school Katakolon last Tuesday afternoon.

Teachers and students were able to create the right climate to teach children the meaning of the holidays and to give the organization a charity bazaar with offers from merchants the region and theatrical performance entitled “Christmas in Antarctica.”
The theatrical performance given by the actors of the group “Ark of Dreams” Kafantogias Peter and Georgia Tsikouris with the valuable help of teachers, Angela Wise and Elena Anastasiou.
This gave the local and school counselors, the parish priest Katakolon and of course the proud parents and relatives of the students who witnessed the progress made in their school.

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