Expropriation of property for road construction

16 December, 2014
Love Bazaar by the students in Katakolon
28 December, 2014
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The local press of Ilia recently published the news that during the last meeting of the Regional Council of Western Greece it was decided to adopt the procedure of declaring the compulsory acquisition of immovable property for the project “Construction of road Lasteika Detour of Saint John Katakolon .

As Municipal Harbour Fund of Pyrgos we express our satisfaction for the fact that Mr. Region Master progresses rapidly in what he had committed during our meeting in his office in Patras and cover the port connection work with the National Road Of Patras to Pyrgos as well as performing additional port infrastructure constructions in Katakolon and create guest room.

It would be remiss not to point out that Mr. Katsifaras proceeds these processes within the timelines the he had mentioned and follows with interest so as the important work to be delivered on time and so Katakolon to be upgraded and become a port of central importance , not only for the region of Ilia, but also for the whole Mediterranean.


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