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26 November, 2014
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6 December, 2014
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Cooperation of port authorities, local authorities and company "Castor"


In the context of sincere cooperation of Katakolon port authorities and the manufacturing company "KASTOR", the recovery of the salvage vessel "516" - also known as Unsinkable - took place.

The recovery of the vessel, weighing 38 tons, was undertaken by the company running the port projects in the area of the central pier and the platform, in order to assist with the equipment and expertise to the Shipping Ministry board maintenance needs and the local society in which they work together seamlessly.

In this way the vessel was placed safely by a floating crane of "Castor" in the terrestrial space of Katakolon port to make the required after-cleaning of the keel and other tasks required and in the same way, its launch will follow.

The spectacular sight of the hoisting of the vessel was watched by many passers, forming a queue outside the guardrail that existed to preserve them, so as to the capture the moments. In the whole business several volunteers contributed playing their role sometimes with hints and once again with the participation to place the "tetrapods" which would support the vessel, the loosening of the anchor ropes etc.

The company "Castor" with its expert staff has managed not only to be useful to the local community and port authorities, but also extremely dear for both the works in the port and in general for its contribution.

Indeed, showing great understanding ahead of the celebration of the patron saint of Katakolon, St. Nicholas, it postponed the installation of guardrails along the coastal zone -for the extension of the work platform - which would thus block up the sea view, wanting to honor the memory of the Saint with brilliance, as befits the protector of seafarers.

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